A simple Bash framework, similar to bash-it.

Multiple plug-ins and themes are available.

You can use bash-config list or bash-config plugins to list all plugins and themes available:

bash-config Plugins and Themes

[x] ansible                    Ansible aliases
[ ] apt                        apt and dpkg aliases
[x] bash-aliases               Aliases for Bash
[ ] bash-colors
[x] bash-inputrc               Configs for Bash's inputrc
[x] bashrc                     Settings for Bash
[x] bpm-tools                  Aliases for id3 tag an mp3 file
[x] dd                         dd aliases
[x] exa                        exa aliases
[x] files                      File manipulation aliases
[x] fzf                        fzf aliases
[x] git                        Git aliases
[x] hugo                       Hugo aliases
[x] kde                        Aliases for KDE
[x] lastpass-cli               Aliases for lastpass-cli
[ ] less                       Aliases for less
[ ] lsd                        lsd aliases
[ ] ls                         ls aliases
[x] markdown                   Aliases for markdown files
[x] media                      Misc media manipulation aliases
[x] networking                 Mist networking aliases
[x] notification               Misc notification aliases
[x] pacman                     Aliases for pacman
[x] screen                     Aliases for GNU Screen
[x] ssl-tools                  Aliases for SSL
[x] systemd                    SystemD aliases
[x] trash-cli                  Converts rm to use trash-cli
[x] vim                        Aliases for vim
[ ] yaourt                     Aliases for yaourt
[x] yay                        Aliases for yay
[ ] yum                        Aliases for yum
[ ] zypper                     Aliases for zypper

[ ] bubble-lines               A cool and bubbly Bash prompt
[ ] powerlevel10k-clone        A clone of powerlevel10k
[x] powerlevel5k               A clone of powerlevel10k
[ ] powerline-2column          A simplified powerline prompt
[ ] powerline-simple           A simplified powerline prompt
[ ] simple-git                 Displays a simple prompt with Git info
[ ] simple                     Displays a simple prompt